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The objective is to throw some common sense, with the odd bit of humour, onto some serious financial situations. After all money is important, especially if you don't have any!


In developing this website we have remained loyal to our philosophy and as such you will not see any adverts promoting car loans, personal loans or any other kind of loan ...we will not encourage further debt!

An example of how helpful we can be:

One of our clients found some old pension certificates referring to his employment some years ago. On his behalf we contacted the Pensions Schemes Registry who were able to process his enquiry resulting in him been entitled to a small back dated pension from a previous employment.
Pension Scheme Registry, PO Box, 1NN, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Tel No: 0191225 6316

Latest FAQs

Our news section will always feature FAQ's with expert advice relating to issues of the day!

'Q' Another client (yes, we have more than 1) is concerned about his With Profit Endowment Policy, which he took out to repay his interest only mortgage and the insurance company have informed him of a potential shortfall at the end of the mortgage term.

'A' There is no definitive answer as the current With Profit Fund Manager's are being pessimistic in the prospect of immediate recovery, that is why they have applied the Market Value Adjustment Factor ( MVAF ) to protect all plan holders.
Also the FCA have asked all life companies to down grade their projections on growth assumption from 5%/-7%-9% to 4/6&8, therefore it is quite logical using lower growth assumptions that the new projections for growth on your endowment will inevitably show a shortfall. Under no circumstances should you make up the potential shortfall by increasing your endowment premium, as one life office suggested.

A couple of our suggestions.

1. Apply that shortfall to your mortgage and change that portion to a repayment. If the monthly payments become expensive, ask your lender to extend the term and when the endowment matures to pay off the interest, you will only have the restructured part to pay.

2. Pay the extra that the insurance company suggested into a cash ISA, and then change your mortgage to a daily interest rate as they will usually allow over payments. This way by putting 'chunks of wedge' into the mortgage and keeping the payments the same, your debt will start to reduce.

'Q' Can I be a member of the Superannuation Scheme and have a personal pension?

'A' The answer is Yes - you can 100% of your total taxable earnings in any one tax year into ant number of concurrent pension arrangement.

Portfolio Planning

Sounds very grand ,but it is only common sense to use a matrix when you are considering creating a wealth strategy which gives you that framework .The matrix can be found in our investment section which you may find useful in evaluating your ' attitude to risk '.

It is important to remember that with investments:

1. Your investment can rise as well as fall.
2. Past performance is no guide to future performance.
3. As independent advisers, we will never use the word guaranteed when discussing investments - maybe capital secure! Because even though your bank or building society deposit account looks guaranteed, if they go bust, you will only be covered for a certain amount.